Pools and Home Insurance

Manitoba summer 2021 is in full swing and has been good to us so far! Every pool owner’s favourite season.  It is the beginning of July and we have been spoiled with multiple heat waves! Get those floaties out, diving boards screwed down and get ready to dive in!


Because we are an insurance company, we want to make sure you are protected in the event of an accident. Do you have the right swimming pool insurance in place? It is especially important to understand how the liability coverage of you homeowners insurance policy works. Now that restrictions have been lifted and we can have more people in our backyards, the potential for someone outside of your household getting is injured at your pool is greater. If an injury were to happen, you could potentially incur medical or legal expenses that stem from the incident. Liability protection is a standard part of a typical homeowner’s policy, but because a pool can increase your risk, you may want to consider increasing your coverage. Situations in which you are legally responsible for injuries to other people can be costly. Having liability insurance for your pool is a must to pay for related costs, like medical expenses or legal fees. Keystone Click will cover up to 1 million in base liability coverage, however our agents highly recommend upping those limits if you have a backyard pool. Deb recommends upping the coverage to 2 million. With the new Keystone Insurance online Click platform, this can be done online at any point in time at www.keystoneclick.ca. Customize and make changes to your policy anywhere anytime.

Some things to consider as necessary for a backyard pool.  

  • Adult supervision with littles in the pool.
  • Installing a fence around the pool – these are required by bylaws.
  • Swimming in clear weather. Now swimming in a thunderstorm may sound cool… but the potential risk of a potential lightning strike or windstorm may not be the best idea. 
  • Ensure walkways are clear.
  • Never get into the pool alone.
  • When the pool is not in use, remember to remove all the toys, floaties etc to precent children from trying to play with the toys inside the pool unsupervised.
  • Avoid people behaving recklessly

Things to Consider Before Building a Pool

If you are considering installing a pool in your backyard, check with your city or municipality to understand the regulations and by-laws surrounding pools in your area. During your research, you should:
  • Look for what they define as a pool. The definition of a pool can be different depending on the pool’s size and depth.
  • Ensure you have all of the proper applications and approvals from your municipality or cuty,
  • Building a fence with a latched or locked gate around your pool – whichever is dictated by law.
If someone trespasses on your property and gets hurt accessing your pool without your permission, you may not be held responsible for that person’s medical bills. But, this could depend on whether you’ve followed local laws and have the required safety measures in place. If your self-latching gate wasn’t working properly and a neighbourhood kid wandered in and was injured, you could be held liable for negligence.
If you have added a swimming pool recently, we recommend you review your insurance coverage. Give yourself an additional layer of protection from having to pay expenses out-of-pocket. Our agents are always here to help and answer any questions you may have. Contact us via phone, email or drop us a line in the chat box! 
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