Your insurance company will potentially stop insuring you for the following reasons:   
Padding Insurance Claims. This is a big one. In a prior blog post, we mentioned insurance is based on the honour system. When buying insurance; we trust that you are estimating close to replacement value or estimating your contents and valuables within reason. SO, if the insurance company does not feel that you are being honest, they will in fact cancel the policy. The lesson here, be honest.
Too Many Insurance Claims. You have had a bad year well maybe even a bad 3 years…and have made a few claims on your property. Will they cancel then? Not necessarily, but there is still no way to know how many claims it will take before your insurance company cancels. Depending on the circumstance, it could take as little as one claim. Here are some things to consider
• How much did each claim cost your insurer?
• What was the nature of the claim?
• Was and how was each claim related?
• Where did the claim happen?
• How has your risk changed based on the claims?
These will be assessed by your adjustor and some things will likely happen BEFORE cancellation occurs.
• Increased premiums.
• Increased deductible.
• Surcharging policies.
Your adjustor will keep you in the loop and give you options before cancellation occurs. 
Bill Payment. I mean…duh this is obvious. If you do not make your payments. Your insurer will cancel your policy. Hey, I get how easy it is to forget to renew your policy the “brick and mortar” way. I mean having to remember when your insurance expires. THEN finding the time to physically going in and renew your policy. Ugh, that is like so 2019. Keystone Click allows you to login to manage your account anywhere, anytime. Make changes, renew your policy, change payment method etc. So your policy will never be cancelled due to lack of payment.
These would be the most likely scenarios in which your insurer will stop insuring you. Have more questions? Feel free to drop us a line in the chat box, send us an email or give us a call. 1-888-222-0481

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